Are you the kind of person who wants to position themselves for success and attract high level opportunities?

And, without a doubt, know you look impeccably “put together” and standout as a leader in your field? Without sacrificing comfort or ease?

My name is Annette Bond. I’m a personal image consultant who transforms entrepreneurs and corporate executives into their most confident, stylish, and put-together selves over the course of my 90-day signature program.

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And like these business professionals, you want:

  • To make a memorable, lasting impression on those you meet
  • To look and feel powerful and confident no matter the high-stakes meeting with the high-stakes client
  • To know how to wear more than the same black outfit
  • To feel reinvigorated with a show of confidence
  • To enter your closet and know that it is working for you
  • To look classy yet uniquely timeless

That’s why I created an all-inclusive, 90-day process that involves an assessment, color image, closet renewal, shopping AND last we’ll work on your non-verbal image.

That’s right. We actually step into your closet and revive your own clothes.

And though you may feel you have nothing that works for you anymore, with an objective, trained pair of eyes you’ll be surprised by what still works when it’s paired, worn, and accessorized differently.

When we shop, I’m your private guide.

Upon arriving at the department store or boutique, there will be outfits already picked out and waiting for you in the dressing room. All you have to do is try them on.

With a discerning eye, we’ll look at accessories such as belts, jewelry, scarves, and find the “missing link” that pulls each outfit together.

We’ll pair different items and discuss how a single garment can be re-imagined and worn in several different ways.


Your program experience includes:

  • The secrets to having a closet full of clothes you love as a result of determining your “Definitive Style Code”
  • Clarity on what colors look great on you and get you compliments
  • A versatile wardrobe that really works
  • Knowledge of where and how to shop for comfortable clothing that compliments your body shape, fit that speaks quality
  • An ability to effortlessly add flair and fun to your wardrobe
  • Refinement of and tools to positively communicate through your non-verbal behavior

Other tools you’ll have are:

  • Your very own wardrobe chart, so you immediately know which outfit is for what event
  • Photographs of each outfit curated in a notebook
  •  5 image words that describe your Definitive Style Code

We’re going to eliminate all the guesswork.


So I’m helping you with clothes…but the whole idea is for you to forget about what you’re wearing.

This frees you to simply go out and do the work you were meant to do. With no fuss. Because you’ve already applied the effort to show up looking fabulous and confident.

My program is empowering, revealing, and essential to your personal growth, so I want to address some of the concerns and questions I often hear:

Q & A

Holding Off Until You Lose Weight?

I understand the logic. But what happens is women delay feeling good about themselves for a later date when they “deserve” it.

So you continue feeling less than great about yourself when there are clothes that would fit beautifully now. And looking like your ideal self and the sophisticated professional that you are,  only serves as motivation to keep looking your best.

Feeling confident and making powerful first impressions RIGHT NOW is always what you deserve.

Hate To Shop?

Good news…I shop for you. When you arrive at the boutique, the clothes are already picked out and hanging in the dressing room for you to try.

And, I teach you how to identify what styles work for you and your body shape, so shopping alone becomes far less daunting.

What we don’t want is for you to stick to what’s tried and true.  I will help you discover what you didn’t know you even wanted.

Because people hate shopping for a number of reasons, they buy the same outfits from the same store in the same color only to look in the mirror one day and discover they don’t like what they see.

People don’t realize they can look 10 years younger just by updating their image and wearing clothing that fits them properly.

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Investing In Yourself?

This program is an investment in YOU and your image confidence.

Did you know?

It’s about creating a wardrobe that makes you feel great, look great, and eliminates any worry that you aren’t looking appropriate for your next big occasion.

No more spending 100’s of dollars on clothing that doesn’t work or looks exactly the same as your last splurge.

No more wearing 10% of your closet while the rest just hangs there.

Not to mention, no more shopping stress and no more feeling frumpy and disappearing into the crowd.

This program comes loaded with professional know-how, so your outfit choices will all be validated and worn with absolute confidence, no matter your weight or size.

And don’t forget – this may be a tax write-off, check with your accountant

Do You Help Men?

Yes. There is so much a man can do to transform his appearance. I had a friend share a story with me once about a gentleman at a meeting who had impeccable style.

She said, “He looked so sharp, I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say.”

And I think that’s the point, is it not?

To make such a powerful impression that our mere presence is appreciated, and our colleagues want to hear us speak and people want to work with us.

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Let’s schedule a discovery session.


In the Discovery Session we will:

  • Determine what wardrobe blocks and challenges make you feel blah and frustrated
  • Devise a list of objectives on how to maximize your individuality and present yourself with confidence by looking perfectly appropriate for every occasion
  • Uncover how your image, as well as your non-verbal image, is affecting you professionally, emotionally, and ultimately the success of your income
  • Discuss whether or not we’re fit to work together on project YOU

Let’s step it up a notch now before the next first impression, the next potential job promotion, the next interview, or before the next client walks through the door.

Because here is the truth…

YOU are an entire package. You have a wonderful skill set and razor-sharp smarts, but you are more than your resume.

The “entire package” refers to the whole of how you present yourself – your communication, your behavior, your resume, and, yes, absolutely how you dress.

Although, people don’t say aloud, “You didn’t get the job/promotion/client because you don’t know how to dress,” subconsciously, we’re all making decisions based on what we see.

Our brains make rapid, 7-second assessments every time there’s a new stranger before us.

In fact, we form up to 11 opinions about a person, such as socioeconomic status, education level, degree of sophistication, trustworthiness, and success level, within that mere 7 seconds.

Which is very impressive. Not to mention, quite beneficial for those of us who know what we’re doing.



If your ready for the kind of confidence I just described above, let’s schedule a discovery session.

If you have any questions I haven’t addressed here, you can, again, email me at annette@annettebond.com.