Are you a smart savvy business woman who is 45+ and confused as to what looks good on you? Do you ever wonder if what you’re wearing is age appropriate?  You don’t want to look old…but you don’t want to look like your daughter?  You just want to feel stylish and confident ~ am I right? I believe that when you walk out the door every morning, you deserve to feel and look amazing. It starts with deciding to dress on purpose and having a strategy as to what that looks like.

  • Does this outfit represent the story I want to tell the world? Does it bring out my inner sparkle? Is it current?
  • Does it let my outer fabulous shine – do I feel like a rock star or a million bucks?
  • Is it Effortless – simple, comfortable, easy?
  • Is it Classy – do I represent myself in the best possible way?
  • Am I Confident – does it allow me to do my very best work and not worry about my clothes?

Give yourself the gift of creating an up-to-date wardrobe that is Effortless, Classy, and Confident with fewer pieces and we’ll create more options than you ever knew were possible.