Are you a smart savvy business person who is confused as to what looks good on you? Do you ever wonder if what you are wearing is appropriate?  Have you thought about stepping up your game to look and feel more confident, credible, or distinguished? Whatever your goal is, I am here to assist you in creating an Image that is congruent with the message you want to convey to the world in the various roles of life.  I believe that when you walk out the door every morning, you deserve to feel and look your most confident self. It starts with deciding to dress on purpose and having a strategy as to what that looks like.

  • Does this outfit represent the story I want to tell the world?
  • Does it let my inner essence shine – do I feel like a rock star/million bucks?
  • Is it Effortless – simple, comfortable, easy?
  • Is it Classy – do I represent myself and the company I work for in the best possible way?
  • Am I Confident – does it allow me to do my very best work, be my most confident self and not worry about my clothes?

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Being your most confident self means keeping an up-to-date Image. Your Image communicates who you are in the first 7 SECONDS someone meets you.

How would others describe your personal Image in 7 SECONDS?

men front page 2Your Image Makes A Statement. Make It Definitive.